Fellowship Overview

Course Instructor & Title:

Dr. Tula Giannini, Dean Pratt SIS

LIS 698, Seminar and Practicum, Spring 2016

Supervisor & Site Location:

Sumitra Duncan, Web Archiving Coordinator, New York Art Resources Consortium

Frick Art and Reference Library, The Frick Collection, New York


Web Archiving at the Frick Art and Reference Library (FARL) first began in 2013 when the institution assimilated themselves into the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC), which had been founded in 2006. Witnessing the rise of link rot and the disappearance of born-digital, art-historical ephemera from the digital scholastic record, the NYARC community, lead by Deborah Kempe and Lily Pregill, saw the need to preserve these born digital materials. By providing a range of significant material related to the art researchers the websites themselves have become extremely valuable and warranted the attention of an archivist who would ensure that a copy of the site would be recorded so that it may be drawn upon should the page of the cite be edited, removed or lost in the future. Our role though the NYARC/FARL fellowship is to aid in this task by preforming Quality Assistance (QA) on archived websites. This typically includes making sure all the desired content has been captured, editing crawl captures, and manually patching in missing information in order to produce a full archival record of a given cite over its lifetime.


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Above: Sir Thomas More, Hans Holbein the Younger, 1527