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Analysis and Evaluation – critical analysis and research related to my work as a NYARC Pratt fellow.


May 21, 2016 – Future Perspectives in Art Librarianship: Digital Projects and Initiatives

Audrey Lorberfeld and I will be presenting during the following webinar. See below for more information.

Join us for a webinar on May 21, 2016 at 12:00 PM CDT.

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The Art Library Student and New ARLIS Professionals (ArLiSNAP) and the Visual Resources Association’s Emerging Professionals and Students Group (VREPS) present our 2016 virtual conference, Future Perspectives in Art Librarianship: Digital Projects and Initiatives. This webinar will consist of a keynote by Sara Rubinow at the NYPL Digital Labs followed by a round of presentations by students and new professionals in the field who will discuss projects and initiatives they have undertaken.

For a full schedule and list of presentations, please visit

This event is free and open to all; attendees do not need to be members of ARLIS/NA or VRA. Registration will close two hours before the start of the webinar. For assistance, please Additional information about webinars is available on the ARLIS/NA Learning Portal.

May 17, 2016 –Info Show at Pratt

May 10, 2016

Sydney and presented to the Practicum class about our fellowship. Our colleague and NYARC fellow at MoMA, Sarah Hamerman, was intrigued and had some interesting questions to ask following our presentation.

Sydney and I will be giving a much sorter version of our presentation at Info Show 2016 next week on Tuesday, May 17th at Pratt.

May 2, 2016 -Sydney and I present to FARL & Tour of the Digital Labs

IMG_5676.JPGSydney took advantage of a beautiful day to be on the Frick terrance to talk about our presentation to FARL staff. Our presentation can be viewed here.

After our presentation to FARL staff, we headed to the Digital Labs where Sumitra had set

photographing in progress

up a tour for us with staff there. We saw stations where works were being photographed.






We also got a demonstration of the Zeutschel book scanner. We also learned about some of the issues that come up when scanning books from the FARL collection.

We heard a little about their data integration and data migration and the applications used for doing that. I would like to learn more about this- fascinating overview, but definitely more to learn.

We also heard about their storage and server situation as well as use of amazon glacier and oracle products.


April 28, 2016 –NDSR Symposium, hosted by A.R.T.

Morgan at NDSR Symposium

An all day event held at the Brooklyn Historical Society to bring attention to Preservation Week full of sharing resources and approaches to digital preservation. NDSR 2015-2016 residents here.




Symposium Program:

  • From Planning to Preservation: Method & Madness
    • Carmel Curtis, NDSR at BAM, spoke about the process of creating a records retention schedule
  • Grant Workshop
  • Get Out of My Disc, Get Into My Drive
    • Mary Kidd walked us through her experience working with minidiscs and demonstrated some of the tools she uses and the workflow she developed during her residency with New York Public Radio
  • Web Archiving for Everyone
    • Our supervisor, Sumitra Duncan, spoke about organization considerations for starting and sustaining web archiving
    • Rebecca Guenther spoke about metadata and cataloging for web archive recrods
    • NDSR,Morgan McKeehan, spoke about Rhizome web recorder.
  • Open Source Software for Processing Audio/Visual Files
    •  Dinah Handel, Pratt alum and NDSR at CUNY TV,spoke about working with audio/visual files- her workflow, tools she uses, and how she’s sharpened her programming skills.

April 25, 2016 – NYARC 10th Anniversary 

Stephen J. Bury, Chief Librarian of the Frick, led a panel discussion in honor of NYARC’s 10th anniversary. The panel included: Nate Hill, Pratt Alum, Director of Metro; Jim Neal, ALA President; Martha A. Sandweiss, Professor of History, Princeton University.

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NYARC_fortunes.jpg  Following the panel in the Bartos theatre at MoMA, there was a reception in the library with NYARC themed fortune cookies. It was great to catch up with previous NYARC M-LEAD interns J.E. Molly Seegers and Tali Han as well as previous web archiving intern Chantal Sulkow.

April 18, 2016 (120 hours) Tour of Archives

view of archives

Sumitra arranged for Sydney and I to get a tour of the Archives, lead by Sally Brazil, Chief, Archives and Records Management; Julie Ludwig, Associate Archivist; and Katie Martinez (fellow Practicum student), Archives Assistant.


One of the highlights of the tour for me was seeing the hand drawn fashion cards illustrating typical fashions, see pink card. Julie and Katie also shared some documents from the Frick family and their difficulties in digitizing those records.


April 11, 2016 (113.5 hours) 

Continued QA’ing Brooklyn Museum site and doing catalog records for websites.

Found blog article, by Chantal about the Brooklyn Museum site here.

April 8, 2016  Tour of the Avery Library Archives (with Sydney) and NYTSL Reception

sydney_avery.JPG  Today I met up with Sydney and got a fabulous tour of the Art Properties Department, part of the Avery Architectural and Fine Art Library at Columbia, where she also interns. She pulled out Warhol polaroids, Joseph Albers prints, old master drawings, and more. It was great to get an inside peek of the collection and see some of the other work she is doing outside of our NYARC fellowship.

Afterwards we attended the NYTSL spring open house at the Butler Library at Columbia. We ran into fellow Pratt student, Kyle Olman as well as colleagues Mark Bresnan and Chritina Peter from the Frick. Mark and Sumitra had alerted us to this event so we thought we would check it out together.

April 4, 2016 (106 hours)

Submitted proposal for ARLiS/SNAP virtual conference 2016. Audrey Lorberfeld (NYARC web archiving intern and FARL staff) and I will be presenting on web archiving.

Continues QA’ing Brooklyn Museum site.

April 2, 2016


SAA@Pratt hosted an archives panel, The Path to Professional Practice,  with four Pratt alums (featured in photo L to R): Tara Hart, Archives Manager at the Whitney Museum of American Art; Susan Malsbury, Digital Archivist, NYPL; Rossy Mendez, Project Archivist, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; and Diana Bowers, Archivist, BPL.

March 28, 2016 (99.5 hours)

Part 4 of 4 of the webinar series hosted by Metro, entitled So You Want to Build a Web Archive… Guest speakers included Jefferson Bailey and Dragan Epenschied.

March 25, 2016- FARL 

DAHL– Digital Art History Lab hosted a workshop on CartoDB. I am hoping to learn more about this visualization tool this summer in Professor Sula‘s LIS 658- Information Visualization. I am eager to play with data and communicate findings/connections using a tool like this. Some of the most interesting sites they shared were:

March 22, 2016 (93 hours) – FARL staff share about ARLIS/VRA 2016 Conference

Heard from over eight of the FARL staff about their presentations, experiences, and thoughts about the ARLIS conference.

A few highlights I want to mention:

March 21, 2016 (87 hours) – Special Interest Group (SIG) for Web Archiving and Archive-It

This Metro SIG is co-chaired by our supervisor, Sumitra and Alex Thurman, Columbia Library. The agenda included:

  • updates from Jefferson Bailey and Karl-Rainer Blumenthal from the Internet Archive
    • talked about APIs to extract metadata from crawls
    • discussion about a browser based crawler, brozzler,  that operates on a bigger scale and would be able to capture dynamic data, an umbra tool
    • emphasis on getting A-It data into the hands of researchers
    • there was talk about wayback being rebuilt in python
  • Alex Thurman spoke on IIPC collaborative collecting
    • Columbia joined IIPC in 2011
    • Reviewed: heretrix and capture of descriptive metadata
    • looking at metadata, access, preservation, cost, data capture
    • disc some specific sites- WWI Commemorative site that BnF  proposed IIPC capture next

Panel Q&A with

  • representative from NYU, Lorena Ramirez-Lopez
    • spoke about developing workflows, been member of A-It since 2011- taken over by ACM/KARMS* in 2014, shared some details around archiving contemporary composer websites. *Archival Collections Management/Knowledge Access & Resource Management Services
    • ran into issues with student emails
    • some issues working with web developers to get rid of flash
    • running into issues primarily with permissions and rights
    • NYU metadata in Dublin Core
  • NDSR, Morgan McKeehan from Rhizome
  • Stephen Klein from CUNY graduate center
    • primarily using A-it for dissertations, journals, faculty sites
    • many projects not getting captured in A-it due to complicated crawls
    • been time intensive to learn how to set the scope
    • crawlers read code, but don’t execute
    • javascript causing issues
  • Barnard- Martha Tenney and Charlotte Kostelic
    • still in test crawl phase, but focus of collection is on student activist groups
    • shared they had issues with Captcha
    • tracking permission in a spreadsheet


March 17, 2016- visit to Yale campus and interviewed Alex Provo

Haas Library, Yale University

Over spring break, Abigail and I had an opportunity to visit the Yale campus and catch up with recent Pratt Alum and Kress fellow, Alex Provo. She shared insights about her experience working as a librarian at the Haas Family Arts Library. Turned out she ended up doing some archival work (creating a finding aid on Book Arts ephemera) as well as organizing a wikipedia edit-a-thon during her residency. We impressed with her projects, the architecture, and collection at the Haas library as well as hearing a little about her experience working in an art library.


March 14, 2016 (80 hours)

Sydney and I started the day with a tour of the current exhibition, Van Dyck: The Anatomy of Portraiture. This is the first time I have taken advant

Eaker sharing about Van Dyck

age of staff tours of exhibits in the gallery. It was a fascinating and thorough overview of the exhibit with interesting details not only about Van Dyck’s style and history, but also about the provenance of the works and the recent findings of works. The tour was led by Adam Eaker, Assistant Curator of European Paintings from The Met.


The remainder of the day was spend QA’ing the Brooklyn Museum site. Last week when I was in, I set up a patch crawl to try to capture some of the missing links.

March 8, 2016 (71 hours)

Continuing work on QA’ing the Brooklyn Museum site with focus on the Dinner Party exhibition. Listened in on NDSA Innovation Working Group phone call for Sumitra (she is at the ARLIS conference). Main points of discussion on the call was changing the name from Working Group to Interest Group in hopes of being more welcoming to those initially getting involved with NDSA. There was also discussion about the Annual Innovation Awards and Digital Preservation Pioneer awards.

March 7, 2016 (65 hours)

Sydney and I started our day by meeting first to go over our questions and approach to our informational interviews with Debbie and Sumitra which were at 10am and 11am. After meeting with the them, the remainder of the day was spent adjusting patch crawls on the Brooklyn Museum website. This is very different than the previous QA work done for gallery and catalogue raisonné sites where missing URLs are easier to locate. I am continuing to have issues that my predecessor, Chantal Sulkow, did with the Brooklyn Museum website. Primarily that carousel images are not loading. I have submitted a help ticket to Archive-It in hopes that they can help me solve the issue.

March 1, 2016 (58 hours)

Web Archiving Team Meeting at the Frick with Sumitra, Debbie, Rodrigo, Audrey and myself.

  • IMG_5152.jpgPart 4 of 4 of the web archiving webinar series hosted by Metro will be on 3/28 at 3pm. Sumitra will be at the Frick since the final one will be hosted by Anna Perricci. In addition, Victoria Pilato (Assistant Digital and Metadata Librarian) and Mark Bresnan (Head, Bibliographic Records) will be joining us to listen in. This final series will be about Rhizome‘s recent developments and updates.
  • We discusseFebruary 29, 2016d how few museums are using Archive-it and possible reasons why.
  • Sumitra shared about her recent experiences testing LearnWeb and the possible usage it
    may have for researchers using web archives.
  • Audrey, Rodrigo and I shared about our progress on our respective site. Audrey and Rodrigo are both archiving the MoMA website.
  • We ended the meeting with a discussion about a web recorder tool that is under development at Rhizome.

February 29, 2016 (56 hours) – Webinar on Web Archiving hosted by Metro

Listened to part 3 of 4 in the web archiving webinar series hosted by Metro. The focus was on Description and Access. Lily Pregill, NYARC Coordinator & Systems Manager and Alex Thurman, Columbia Web Resources Collection Coordinator both presented. Lily stressed the importance of WARC file accessibility through the catalog since many researchers use online catalogs for research. Web archives are included automatically in the NYARC Discovery (which is longer in beta). Alex also mentioned how the catalog is a way to get access to web archive records. One of the biggest challenges is having the time to create document level metadata. One thing Alex mentioned that I had not thought of and would like to do is update wikipedia with archived websites.

I also spent an hour listening in on a call for Debbie. The NDSA Standards Working Group. One of the most interesting parts of this call for me was hearing about both the Curate Gear conference and the BitCurator conference.

The rest of my day was spend QA’ing the Brooklyn Museum site. I am continuing to work on the dinner party where Chantal had left off.

February 22-23, 2016 (49 hours) – Connecting Information Architecture and Web Archiving

Set up Brooklyn Museum content management and begin QA’ing site. Same issue with carousel images that Chantal had described to me in December when I found out I would be taking over the QA’ing the site. The use of carousels is particularly problematic in the exhibition site for Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. The carousel below contains eight images (four related to the place setting and three biographical images)

judy chicago- dinner party carousel.png
Dinner Party, Brooklyn Museum

I am also taking LIS 643: Information Architecture this semester and finding some overlap with web archiving. Craig MacDonald shared this site with our class about why not to use carousels. I also found this interesting article about how to make carousels effective.





February 8, 2016 (35 hours)

Finished QA’ing Dawson-Watson site. Always nice to be able to complete QA on a site.

February 1, 2016 (27 hours)

Web Archiving team meeting in Debbie’s office. We discussed some of the changes with Archive-it 5.0. Sydney and I shared about picking up where Chantal (began Brooklyn Museum site) and Celeste (began Frick Museum site) left off. Audrey shared about some of the issues she has been having with the MoMA site, specifically Object:Photo.

Printouts of MARC records with notations from Mark.

Worked on cataloging websites- making corrections to ones I had begun and started new one on Jane Kahan Gallery. Learning a little more about catalog records for websites and getting used to using Connexion.





January 25-26, 2016 (19 hours) – Transition to Archive-It 5.0 & Learning how to Catalog Websites

Realized 5.0 transition is not as easy as it seems. Submitted a ticket asking about navigation to wayback and best practice in finding missing URLs.

Mark Bresnan did a cataloging overview with both Sydney and I. We got set up to ha

OCLC Connection Icon


ve access to OCLC Connexion and began cataloguing our first sites. Mark shared a google doc for us to keep track of our cataloging progress. My first site, Lehmann Maupin,  was a bit of a challenge because it was in two languages which meant additional MARC fields would be needed.


January 22, 2016 (5 hours)

Archive-it 5.0 webinar hosted by the Internet Archive to go over some of the changes with the new software. One of the biggest challenges to come was the switch in patch crawling sites. The previous version of Archive-it made was much easier (at least in my opinion).

January 19, 2016 (4 hours) – Some basics on the setup at the Frick for QA‘ing

QA’d Dawson-Watson catalogue raisonné. Seen in image below is a typical setup for a web archiving intern/technician with two monitors. One monitor displays website under review in Wayback mode. The other monitor displays proxy mode. In addition, interns usually have their content inventory spreadsheet open in a tab as well as the live site open.


Work in progress- typical setup for QA is to have two screens- one with wayback view and one in proxy mode (as well as tabs with content inventory and live site)


September- December 2015 (120 hours)

Unlike other internships, the NYARC Web Archiving internship began with a reading list provided by Sumitra Duncan, my direct supervisor. I knew right away that this was going to be a great opportunity for me to grow and learn. I didn’t realize until much later how much it would also support my professional development.

QA spreadsheet.png
Spreadsheet used for tracking and site content inventory.

The reading list was a mix of articles, podcasts, and webinars that gave general overviews of how web archiving works,
how NYARC began web archiving and much more. Once I got a handle on the history and the process, I started learn the Archive-It software and how to do quality assurance on WARC files. I began with small sites (such as gallery sites and some catalogue raisonnés) so as not to be completely overwhelmed (institutional sites have much more complex site structure with hidden URLs that aren’t obvious when first beginning). Sumitra shared other web archiving intern spreadsheets so I could get a sense of how to track my progress on a site. These spreadsheets ensure that I know where I am on a site as well as create a content overview of a site.


Above: Comtesse d’HaussonvilleJean-Auguste-Dominique-Ingres, 1845